clothe yourselves with
&  patience

House System

Hope  |  Endurance  |  Forgiveness  |  Trust

Each student is placed in a house when they enter year 7. They are also give an academy tie which represents the students house.

Throughout the year, students take part in different house events, such as Sports Day.

At the end of the academic year house points totals are added up to appoint an overall house champion. 

Each House also has a ‘Hero’ attached to them. These Heroes embody what it is to be a BFA student and they link very closely to our four core values.

Four Core Values:

Hope  Barack Obama
Endurance  Rosa Parks
Forgiveness  Nelson Mandela
Trust  Martin Luther King

Rosa Parks sat, so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so that Barack Obama could run. Obama ran, so we could fly.