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Charging and Remissions

Bradford Forster Academy wishes to make a broad range of activities accessible to as many students as possible. Here is the key information from our Charging and Remissions Policy. A full copy of the policy is available here.

Bradford Forster Academy will not charge for:

  • Admission to the academy
  • Education that takes place during academy hours
  • Activities relating specifically to the academy Curriculum
  • Transport costs during academy hours
  • Activities or visits taking place wholly or mainly during academy hours
  • Education which relates to:
    • Syllabuses for prescribed examinations,
    • The implementation of the National Curriculum,
    • Religious Education
    • Musical tuition lessons

Bradford Forster Academy may charge for:

  • Materials and equipment – any ingredients, materials, books, instruments, or equipment, where the child’s parent wish to own them
  • Optional Extra activities which take place wholly or mainly outside academy hours (i.e. at least 50% outside academy time) and which are based on parental choice
  • Board and lodging on residential visits
  • Wilful damage to academy property, equipment or furniture
  • Lost or damaged library, text or exercise books
  • School uniform
  • Lettings
  • Locker Deposit

Voluntary Contributions

These may be requested for any activity, whether during or outside academy hours, residential or non-residential. There is no restriction placed on the use which can be made of such contributions. There will be no obligation to contribute and students will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have contributed.

An activity or visit may be cancelled if insufficient voluntary contributions are received.


No charge will be made for board and lodging for those students in receipt of free school meals.

Charges for other ‘chargeable activities’ may also be fully or partly remitted. Please see the Hardship Policy for further details. Details of any remission arrangements will be made clear when parents are informed of charges for individual activities.