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Reading (DEAR)

At Bradford Forster Academy, we believe that literacy is central to a pupil’s success at school.


For us literacy is more than being able to read and write. It is about having the cultural literacy, fluency and enjoyment of words which allows pupils to operate at a high level and engage fully in the world around them.

To support this, students Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) as part of their English lessons and Hometeam programme.

This means:

  • A classroom rich in talk, in which questions are planned, peer conversations are modelled and scaffolded and the teacher uses talk skilfully to develop thinking.
  • Exposing pupils to challenging fiction and non- fiction texts.
  • Developing deep understanding and comprehension.
  • Creating a love of writing through workshops and writing challenges.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

With an ever expanding collection of books and other resources, the Library is an inclusive space, committed to supporting the varied needs and interests of our young people throughout their time at BFA. In addition to supporting the curriculum we aim to promote and celebrate reading for pleasure.

Throughout the year we’ll be adding a range of booklists to this page, these will be full of recommended reads and interesting books that students might like to check out.

Our library team is led by Mrs Hobson-Tyas who is supported by Junior Librarians from both Year 7 & 8.

Library FAQs

What can I borrow?
You can borrow a maximum of 3 books at any one time.

How long can I borrow them for?
Non-fiction loans last a week; fiction loans last for two weeks.

Can I take out any book?
No. Books that have a reference sticker cannot be taken out of the library. Also there is a young adult section which is divided in to two parts; ‘Teen Reads’ and ‘Young Adults’. ‘Teen Reads’ are available to students from Yr 9+ and ‘Young Adults’ will be available from Year 10.

Can I use the Library/LRC before school, at break and lunch times?
Yes. The library is open for everyone to use before, during and after school until 4pm.

Where do I return my loaned items?
All books should be placed in the returns box, located inside the library or handed in to a Junior Librarian on duty.

DEAR & Accelerated Reader Programme

Reading Curriculum

Lexia Intervention